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Seattle’s roots run deep with adventure. Originally the self-proclaimed “Gateway to Alaska,” this former wild west shipping town has never been very good at settling down—and we think that makes for a pretty awesome trip plan. The independent, innovative spirit of the Emerald City can clearly be seen in some of its offspring: with folks like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain bolstering its musical ranks, and companies like Nordstrom, REI, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks calling this place home, it’s pretty plain to see that Seattle is a city of constant dynamics.

While you shouldn’t miss out on the must-sees—Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, the Waterfront, and the ferries—you may not realize that Seattle offers a diverse array of neighborhoods. Each offers something different and unique to the amalgamation of Seattle’s personality: between the laid-back West Seattle, the vivacious Capitol Hill, the diverse International District, and the bustling, re-invented Ballard and Fremont neighborhoods, there’s something new and exciting for just about any kind of traveler.

While Seattle is known for its rain (and subsequent addiction to coffee), it actually gets fewer inches of rainfall than both New York, Boston, and Chicago—and, insider tip, don’t use an umbrella unless you want to stand out. Locals hardly ever use them. And despite the not-infrequent greyness of the city’s sky, its beauty is hard to miss, and it offers some amazing parks, vistas, and nearby hikes that are sure to impress.

Regardless of your reason for traveling to Seattle, its depth of culture, vivid diversity, and beauty will make for an awesome stay. If you’re a thrill seeker or a homebody, a raver or a publican, an art critic, musician, or a foodie (or maybe a little of everything), Seattle’s sure to a have heaps of things to offer. It’s an unparalleled place to find something new about your passions and discover something new about yourself. But, above all, it’s a city with adventure at its core.


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